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Services we offer

Gateway Unlimited Living LLC is a Minnesota licensed Mental Health Services Provider, offering a variety of in-Home and Community-based services designed to meet the needs of each individual, while using a person-centered approach. Our programs focus on Supporting those with disabilities. Such conditions often hinder the individuals from living independently or functioning congruently with other members of the household. Our services are dependable, and our team is both supportive and professional.

Positive Support Services

Formerly known as Behavioral support,  are services that consist of developing, implementing, and monitoring a person-centered, individually designed, proactive plan to address challenging behaviors.

Services Included

Positive support services can be provided in the person’s home or in the community and include:

In-Home Support with Training

Services that provide support and / or training for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live in their own home or other community living situations. In-Home Support with Training takes a person-centered approach to help people live successfully in the community.

In-Home Family Support with Training

Services provided to a person and their family members in the family’s home and / or in the community to enable the person to remain in or return to the home. This includes person-centered training to the person and family members to increase their capabilities to care for and maintain the person in the home.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

On-Call problem-solving assistance provided remotely to support a person’s personal emergency. Supports include Real-time transfer of information between a person receiving services and an actively involved provider. This communication can happen through the exchange of speech, visuals, signals, or writing.

Relocation Coordination & Targeted Case Management (RSC-TCM)

We help people who want to move out of certain institutions into the community. RSC-TCM helps people plan and arrange for the services and supports they need in order to live in the community. This service helps individual in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, vocational, and other necessary services as they relate to the client’s mental health needs. Case management services include developing a functional assessment, and individual community support plan, referring and assisting the person to obtain needed mental health and other services, ensuring coordination of services, and monitoring the delivery of services.

Employment Support Services

Employment Development Services (Individualized services designed to help a person achieve competitive, integrated employment, become self-employed or establish a microenterprise business in their community.)

Employment Support Services (Individualized services and supports that help people maintain paid employment in community businesses/settings. Employment support services occur in integrated community settings.)

Employment Exploration Services (Services that help a person gain a better understanding of competitive, integrated employment opportunities in their community. Exploration activities and experiences strengthen a person’s knowledge, interests, and preferences so they can make informed decisions about competitive employment. Employment exploration includes:

• Individualized educational activities
• Learning opportunities
• Work experiences

Additional related services identified in the person’s coordinated services and support plan (CSSP)